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abnormal pressure degasser kelly rotary table
adjustable choke derrick kelly bushing rotating control device
air cut mud derrick floor kelly down roughneck
air drill derrickman kelly hose round trip
air drilling desander kelly spinner roustabout
air-cut mud desilter keyseat run in hole
annular blowout preventer deviated drilling kick safety joint
annular BOP deviated hole kick off saver sub
annular gas flow deviation survey kickoff scratcher
annular velocity diamond bit kill semisubmersible
annuli differential pressure kill line settling pit
annulus differential pressure sticking lag gas settling tank
antiwhirl bit differential sticking LCM shaker
aquifer directional driller leak off shale shaker
azimuth directional drilling leakoff shear ram
back off directional survey leakoff test sheave
back wash directional well liner shoe
background gas displacement log shoe joint
backoff displacement fluid logging while drilling shoe track
backwash dog house logging-while-drilling short trip
barefoot dog leg lost circulation show
basket sub doghouse lost circulation material shut in bottomhole pressure
bell nipple dogleg lost returns shut-in bottomhole pressure
BGG dope LOT shut-in pressure
BHA drag bit lubricator SIBHP
BHCT drawworks LWD SIBP
BHP drift magnetic toolface sidetrack
BHST drill bit make a connection SIP
bicenter bit drill collar make hole skid
bit drill pipe make up slant hole rig
bit box drill ship makeup cathead slant rig
bit breaker drill string makeup tongs slant-hole rig
bit nozzle driller managed pressure drilling slide
bit record drilling break marine drilling riser slim hole well
bit trip drilling contractor mast slimhole well
blind ram drilling crew MD slip and cut
blind shear ram drilling foreman measured depth slip joint
block drilling procedure measurements while drilling slip-and-cut
blow out drilling program measurements-while-drilling slips
blow out preventer drilling rate mechanical specific energy snub
blowout drilling rig mechanical sticking snubbing
blowout preventer drilling riser mill soft line
BOP drillpipe mill out softline
BOP stack drillship milling spacer fluid
borehole drillstem mist drilling spinning chain
borehole orientation drillstem test mobile offshore drilling unit spud
bottomhole assembly drillstring MODU stab
bottomhole circulating temperature dry hole monkey board stand
bottomhole pressure duster monkeyboard stand pipe
bottomhole static temperature dynamic positioning moon pool standpipe
bottoms up eccentric morning tour steerable motor
bottoms-up eccentricity motorman stripping
bow-spring centralizer electrodynamic brake mousehole structural steering
box elevator MPD stuck
brake embrittlement MSE stuck pipe
break circulation endless tubing mud motor sub
break out ERD mud pulse telemetry submersible drilling rig
breakout erode mud return line suction pit
breakout cathead erosion multilateral supply vessel
breakout tongs escape line multiwell pad surface casing
bridge evening tour MWD surface pipe
brine exit velocity neat cement survey
bullhead extended reach drilling nipple swab
cable head extended-reach drilling nipple down swellable packer
cable-tool drilling fingerboard nipple up swivel
caliper log fish OD swivel flange
carbide lag test fishing tool offset well tapered string
cased hole fixed-cutter bit open hole TD
casing flapper valve openhole Texas deck
casing centralizer float joint operator TFNB
casing collar flow line outside diameter TG
casing coupling flowline overbalance thief zone
casing grade formation damage p rate thread protector
casing head formation evaluation while drilling P&A threadform
casing point formation pressure pack off tight hole
casing shoe free water packer tongs
casing string gamma ray log packoff tool joint
casinghead gas cut mud pad toolface
cat line gas show PDC bit toolpusher
cathead gas-cut mud PDM top drive
catline gauge hole penetration rate topdrive
catwalk geosteer pill tortuosity
cellar geosteering pin total depth
cement Geronimo line pipe dope tour
cement bond log goose neck pipe rack travel joint
cement evaluation log gooseneck pipe ram traveling block
cement head graveyard tour pipe trip trip
cementer gravity toolface PIT trip gas
cementing guide shoe plug and abandon trip out
cementing engineer gumbo polycrystalline diamond compact bit tripping pipe
cementing plug H2S POOH true vertical depth
chain tongs hammer union pore pressure tubulars
choke line hardbanding positive displacement motor turnkey
choke manifold heavyweight drillpipe positive displacement pump TVD
Christmas tree HHP positive-displacement pump twist off
circulate high side toolface p-rate twist-off
circulate out high-pressure, high-temperature pressure hunt underbalance
circulation highside toolface pressure integrity test underbalanced
circulation loss high-side toolface prime mover underground blowout
circulation system hook pull out of the hole underream
clear brine hook load pusher upset
coiled tubing hopper racking back pipe vee door
coiled tubing drilling horizontal drilling ram blowout preventer vee-door
combination string hostile environment rate of penetration volumetric efficiency
come out of the hole HPHT rathole wait on cement
company man HWDP RCD wall sticking
company representative hydraulic horsepower ream wash out
completion hydrogen sulfide reciprocate washout
concentric hydrostatic head recycled gas washover pipe
conductor pipe hydrostatic pressure reeled tubing weevil
connection ID reserve pit weight indicator
connection gas inclination reservoir pressure well control
contamination gas inside blowout preventer reverse circulation wellbore
contract depth inside diameter reversing out wellbore orientation
core intermediate casing string rig wellhead
crooked hole jackup rig down wildcat
crossflow jackup rig rig floor wiper plug
crown block jar rig up wiper trip
crushed zone jet RIH wireline log
CT jet mixer roller cone bit WOC
cut and thread fishing technique jet nozzle roller-cone bit workover
cut-and-thread fishing technique jet velocity ROP worm
cuttings joint rotary bushing yield
day rate junk rotary drilling zip collars
daylight tour junk basket rotary hose zip groove
DD KB rotary steerable system

Drilling Fluids

API Recommended Practice 10B Recommended Practice for Testing Well Cements dilution lime mud pyrrhotite
API Specification 10A – Specification for Cements and Materials for Well Cementing dilution water linear alphaolefin QA
abrasion test direct emulsifier lipophilic quality assurance
absolute volume direct indicating viscometer liquid additive quat
accretion direct-indicating viscometer lost circulation quat amine
acetic acid dispersant lost returns quaternary amine
acid dispersion lost-circulation material quebracho
acidity dissolved solids low colloid oil mud quick lime
acrylamide acrylate polymer Draeger tube low gravity solids rate of shear
acrylamide polymer Dräger tube low solids mud RCRA
acrylamide-acrylate polymer drill in fluid low solids nondispersed mud red mud
acrylamido methyl propane sulfonate polymer drill solids low specific gravity solids redox
acrylamido-methyl-propane sulfonate polymer drilled solids low yield clay reduced water slurry
acrylate polymer drill-in fluid low-colloid oil mud reduced-water slurry
active sulfide drilling detergent low-gravity solids relative filtrate volume
activity of aqueous solutions drilling fluid low-pressure, low-temperature filtration test relative humidity
acyclic compound drilling mud low-solids mud relaxed filtrate oil mud
aerobic drilling-fluid engineer low-solids, nondispersed mud relaxed-filtrate oil mud
agglomeration dynamic filter press low-specific-gravity solids reserve mud pit
aggregate dynamic filtration low-yield clay reserve-mud pit
aggregation dynamic-aging test LS resin
air cut mud easy to disperse lubricant retort
air-cut mud easy to disperse in salt lubricity retort solids
aliphatic compound ECD lyophilic returns
alkaline EDTA lyophilic colloid RH
alkalinity effective laminar flow lyophobic rheological
alkalinity test electrical stability test lyophobic colloid rheological property
alum electrohygrometer Mf rheology
aluminum stearate emulsifier magnesium test rheology modifier
amides emulsion make up water right angle set
amines emulsion mud make-up water right-angle set
AMPS encapsulation Marsh funnel RM
anaerobic end point Marsh funnel viscosity rolling aging test
anhydrite endpoint mass balance rolling-aging test
aniline point test EPA material balance equation RP
anion epm Material Safety Data Sheet sack
anionic equivalent circulating density material-balance equation sacrificial anode
anode equivalent sack MBT test sag
antifoam equivalent weight medium salt
antifoam agent ES test meniscus saltwater flow
API expanding cement methane hydrate saltwater mud
API cement external phase methyl orange sand
API fluid loss test Fann viscometer methyl orange alkalinity sand test
API fluid-loss test fatty acid methylene blue dye sand trap
API water fatty acid soap methylene blue test SAPP
apparent viscosity fatty-acid soap methylglucoside drilling fluid saturated solution
aromatic content test ferro-chrome lignosulfonate microgel SBR
aromatic hydrocarbon fiber LCM milk emulsion mud scale
asphaltic mud additive fiber lost circulation material milligrams per kilogram scavenger
ASTM fiber lost-circulation material milligrams per liter SCC
attapulgite fill cement Minerals Management Service seawater mud
AV film forming amine mixed metal hydroxide sedimentation
bactericide film-forming amine mixed metal silicate sepiolite
balanced activity oil mud filter cake mixed-metal hydroxide sequestering agent
balanced-activity oil mud filter cake quality mixed-metal silicate shale
barite filter cake thickness MMH shaly
barrel equivalent filter cell MMS shear rate
baryte filter loss monomer shear strength
base exchange filter media montmorillonite shear strength measurement test
base oil filter medium MSDS shear stress
base slurry filter press mud shearometer
BBL or bbl filtercake mud additive shear-strength measurement test
Bc filtercake quality mud aging cell sheen
Bearden units of consistency filter-cake quality mud balance sheen test
beneficiate filtercake thickness mud cell shrimp test
beneficiation filter-cake thickness mud cleaner siderite
bentonite filtrate mud cup silica layer
bentonite equivalent filtrate tracer mud density silicate
bicarb filtrate volume mud engineer silicate anion
bicarbonate filtration mud filtrate silicate mud
bichromate salt filtration test cell mud hopper silicic acid
Bingham plastic model filtration tester mud house silt
bioaccumulation fine mud in silver nitrate
bioassay fines mud in sample sintered
biochemical oxygen demand fish eye mud out sized calcium carbonate
biocide flake LCM mud out sample sized salt
bioconcentration flake lost circulation material mud oven slaked lime
biodegradation flake lost-circulation material mud pit sloughing shale
biopolymer flash point mud program slug
black list flat gels mud report slugging pill
Blaine fineness floc mud retort slurries
bland coring fluid flocculant mud scale slurry
BOD flocculate mud still slurry density
bomb flocculation mud tracer slurry stability
bond log flowline mud sample mud up slurry yield
bottomhole circulating temperature flowline sample mud weight smectite clay
bottomhole static temperature fluid loss mud-aging cell soap
bottoms up mud sample fluid loss control mudcake soda ash
bottoms-up mud sample fluid loss control material mudding off sodium acid pyrophosphate
breaker fluid-loss additive mudding up sodium bicarbonate
bridging agent fluid-loss control mud-in sample sodium carbonate
bridging material fluid-loss-control material mud-out sample sodium chromate
brine fly ash mysid shrimp sodium dichromate
bromide brine foam breaker naphthenic hydrocarbon sodium hydroxide
bromocresol green foamed cement native clay sodium phosphate
Brookfield viscometer foaming agent native solids mud sodium polyacrylate
buffer formaldehyde native-solids mud sodium silicate
buffer solution formate neutralization soft water
buffered mud formation damage neutralize sour gas
buffered solution free fluid Newtonian fluid SPA
bulk volume funnel viscosity nonconductive drilling fluid spot
BWOB galena non-Newtonian fluid spotting
BWOC Garrett Gas Train normality spotting fluid
BWOW gas hydrate NPDES spud mud
by weight of blend gas migration OBR spurt loss
by weight of cement gas-cut mud OCMA squeeze cementing
by weight of water gel octahedral layer SRB
bypass gel strength octanol SSMA
bypassed mud gelation octyl alcohol SSMA copolymer
cake gelled mud oil base mud stability meter
cake thickness gelled up mud oil content starch
calcium bromide gelled-up mud oil emulsion mud static aging test
calcium carbonate gels oil in water emulsion static filter press
calcium chloride geothermal gradient oil mud static filtration
calcium contamination GGT oil on cuttings static-aging test
calcium hydroxide gilsonite oil water interface stearate
calcium mud glass jar test oil/brine ratio strength retrogression
calcium oxide glycol oil/water ratio stress corrosion cracking
calcium sulfate granular LCM oil-base mud stress-corrosion cracking
calcium test granular lost circulation material oil-emulsion mud styrene
capillary suction time test granular lost-circulation material oil-in-water emulsion sulfate reducing bacteria
capillary tube viscometer gray list oil-mud emulsifier sulfate resistance
capillary-suction-time test greasing out oil-water interface sulfate resistant cement
carbon dioxide green list olefinic hydrocarbon sulfate-reducing bacteria
carbonate ion grey list oligomer sulfate-resistant cement
carbonate test grind OOC sulfide
carboxymethyl hydroxyethylcellulose guar gum organophilic sulfide scavenger
carboxymethyl starch gumbo organophilic clay sulfide stress cracking
carboxymethylcellulose gun the pits organophilic lignite sulfide test
carrying capacity gunk plug OSHA sulfonated asphalt
cathode gunk squeeze osmosis sulfonated polystyrene-maleic anhydride copolymer
cation gunning the pits osmotic pressure surface tension
cation exchange capacity gyp mud OSPAR surfactant
cation-exchange capacity haematite OWR suspended solids
cationic hard water oxygen scavenger SWR
caustic extraction test hardness ion Pf syn
caustic potash HE starch Pm synthetic base fluid
caustic soda header box PAC synthetic base mud
cavings heavy metal packer fluid synthetic/brine ratio
CEC HEC paddle blender synthetic/water ratio
cellulosic polymer hectorite paddle mixer synthetic-base fluid
centipoise hematite PAG synthetic-base mud
centrifuge Herschel Bulkley fluid PAO tail cement
CERCLA Herschel-Bulkley fluid paraffinic hydrocarbon tall oil
cesium acetate HGS paraformaldehyde TAME
cesium formate high-gravity solids PARCOM tannic acid
chelating agent high-pressure, high-temperature filtration test particle plugging apparatus tannin
chemical barrel high-pressure, high-temperature viscometer particle size distribution temperature gradient
chemical oxygen demand high-specific-gravity solids particle-plugging apparatus temperature stability
Chenevert Method HLB number particle-plugging test ten minute gel strength
chloride test hole cleaning particle-size distribution ten second gel strength
chromate salt hot lime parts per billion ten-minute gel strength
chrome free HP starch parts per million ten-second gel strength
chrome lignite HPHT filtration test pascal tensile strength
chrome lignosulfonate HPHT viscometer peptization tetrahedral layer
chrome-free HSE peptize thermal gradient
chromic salt humic acid peptized clay thermally activated mud emulsion
circulation time humidity peptizing agent thickening time
citric acid humidity meter permafrost thinner
clathrate hydrate pH thixotropic
clay hydration pH test thixotropy
clay extender hydraulic cement phenolphthalein titrate
clay water interaction hydrocyclone phosphate salt titration
clay-water interaction hydrocycloning PHPA total hardness test
clear brine hydrogen sulfide PHPA mud total solids
clear water drilling hydrolysis pill tracer
clear-water drilling hydrometer pilot test trip pill
closed mud system hydrophile-lipophile balance number plastic fluid turbulent flow
cloud point hydrophilic plastic viscosity ultrafine
cloud point glycol hydrophobic plugging material undersaturated fluid
CMC hydrostatic pressure PNP unweighted mud
CMC-Hi Vis hydroxyethyl starch POD U-tube effect
CMC-HVT hydroxyethylcellulose point of departure VAMA
CMC-Lo Vis hydroxypropyl starch poise vapor pressure
CMC-LVT hygrometer polar versenate
CMHEC hygroscopic polar compound VG meter
CMS IEOM polyacrylate V-G meter
coalesce ilmenite polyalkalene glycol vinyl acetate-maleic anhydride copolymer
coalescence indicator polyalphaolefin vinyl polymer
coarse inert sulfide polyanionic cellulose vis
COD inhibit polyanionic lignin viscosity
colloid inhibition polyelectrolyte viscosity and gel-strength test
colloidal inhibitive mud polyglycerol wall cake
colloidal solids interfacial tension polymer wall sticking
colloidal suspension intermediate polyol wastewater cleanup
consistency internal phase polyolefin water base drilling fluid
contact time invert emulsion polyphosphates water base mud
continuous phase invert emulsion oil mud pore pressure transmission water clarification
conventional mud invert-emulsion oil mud pore-pressure transmission water in oil emulsion
copolymer IO portland cement water loss
copper carbonate ion exchange portland cement clinker water mud
coring fluid IP potassium ion water mud emulsifier
corrosion coupon IPA potassium mud water to cement ratio
coupon iron carbonate pounds per barrel water, oil and solids test
creaming iron oxide pour point water-base drilling fluid
critical rate iron sulfide power law fluid water-base mud
curing ISO power-law fluid water-in-oil emulsion
cut point isomerized olefin pozzolan water-mud emulsifier
Cutt point isopropanol pozzolanic water-to-cement ratio
cuttings isopropyl alcohol PPA weight
cuttings lifting jar test ppb weight material
CWA jet hopper ppg weighted mud
cycle time kaolinite ppm weighting agent
DD kill weight fluid PPT weighting material
deflocculant kill-weight fluid precipitate whole mud dilution
deflocculate kill-weight mud precipitation whole-mud dilution
deflocculated mud kilogram per cubic meter pregelatinized starch xanthan gum
deflocculation kilopascal prehydrate XC polymer
defoamer lag time prehydrated bentonite xylene
dehydration LAO prehydration yield
demulsifier latex preservative yield point
derrickman lb/bbl pressurized mud balance yield stress
dewatering lbm/bbl primary cementing YP
dichromate salt LC50 progressive gels zero zero gels
diesel oil mud LCM propylene glycol normal propyl ether zero-zero gels
diesel-oil mud lead cement pseudoplastic zinc basic carbonate
diesel-oil plug leonardite pumpability zinc bromide
differential pressure sticking LGS pumping time zinc carbonate
differential sticking lignin PV zinc chloride
difficult to disperse lignite PVT zinc oxide
difficult to disperse in salt lignosulfonate pyrophosphate

Enhanced Oil Recovery

acid number enhanced oil recovery microbial enhanced oil recovery slim-tube test
adhesion tension EOR microemulsion sludge
adsorption Eötvös number mils per year penetration soak phase
alkaline flooding equation of state minimum miscibility concentration solubility
alkaline-surfactant-polymer flooding erosion corrosion minimum miscibility enrichment solution gasdrive
API gravity erosion-corrosion minimum miscibility pressure sour corrosion
areal displacement efficiency estimated ultimate recovery miscible spinning-drop tensiometer
areal sweep efficiency ferrous sulfide miscible displacement standard batch
ASP flooding fingering mixed deposits steam
asphaltene onset concentration fire flooding MMC steam chamber
asphaltene onset pressure fireflooding MME steam flood
asphaltene precipitation first-contact miscibility mobility steam oil ratio
asphaltenes five spot mobility buffer steam soak
backward multiple-contact test five-spot mobility control steam trap
batch treatment flood front mobility ratio steam-assisted gravity drainage
bimetallic corrosion flooding pattern mpy steamflood
Bond number flue gas multiple-contact miscibility steam-oil ratio
breakthrough fluoboric acid nitrogen injection stimulation
brownfield foam flooding off pattern well stock-tank oil initially in place
bubble point foaming agent off-pattern well stock-tank original oil in place
bubblepoint formation damage oil bank STOIIP
capillary number formic acid oil mining STOOIP
cathodic protection forward multiple-contact test oil swelling surfactant
chemical flooding fracture acidizing oil wet surfactant flooding
chemical injection galvanic anodes oil-wet surfactant-alternating gas
chemical potential gas cap drive organic acid sweep efficiency
clay swelling gas-cap drive organic deposit sweet corrosion
CO2 injection gravity drainage paraffin control TEOR
coating gravity override paraffin inhibitor ternary diagram
coating flaw gravity-stable displacement partitioning tertiary recovery
COFCAW HCl pendant-drop tensiometer thermal recovery
coke heavy oil pitting thermal simulation
cold heavy oil production with sand high-pressure air injection polyacrylamide tie line
compatibility hot waterflooding polymer flooding toe to heel air injection
condensate huff and puff polysaccharide trapped oil
condensing drive hydrofluoric acid precipitate tubing displacement
constant composition expansion hydrogen blistering preflush ultralow interfacial tension
contact angle hydrogen embrittlement pressure-composition diagram vapor extraction
coreflooding hydrogen induced failures primary production vaporizing drive
corrosion hydrogen probe primary recovery vertical displacement efficiency
corrosion control hydrophile-lipophile balance number PVT vertical sweep efficiency
corrosion fatigue hydrophilic recovery factor viscous fingering
corrosion inhibitor hydrophobic reducing agent viscous force
corrosion rate imbibition reservoir drive mechanisms viscous oil
cosolvent immiscible reservoir heterogeneities volumetric displacement efficiency
cosurfactant impressed current anodes reservoir-drive mechanisms volumetric sweep efficiency
critical matrix improved oil recovery residual oil WAG
crosswell tomography in situ combustion retort test water alternating gas
damage induced particle plugging reverse combustion water drive
detergency infill drilling ringworm corrosion water flood
dew point injection pattern rising-bubble apparatus water wet
dewpoint in-situ combustion sandstone petrography water-alternating gas
diffusion interfacial tension SCAL waterdrive
disbonding interwell tomography scale waterflood
dispersion inverted five spot scale inhibitor squeeze waterflood kick
displacement efficiency inverted five-spot scale removal waterflooding
displacement front iron-oxidizing bacteria scale-inhibitor squeeze water-wet
drainage line drive scraper trap well stimulation
dry combustion lipophilic screening wet combustion
dry forward combustion liquid blocking secondary recovery wettability
dynamic miscibility low-salinity waterflooding sensitivity wettability change
electrical double layer micellar polymer flooding sequestering agent Winsor phase behavior
electrical resistance probe micellar-polymer flooding slime forming bacteria wormhole
electromagnetic heating micelle slime-forming bacteria Young-Laplace equation

Formation Evaluation

Sor depth datum lateral retort method
a depth derived leaky mode ring resistivity
m depth mark limestone compatible scale ROS
n depth matched limestone porosity unit routine core analysis
Sw depth of invasion limestone-compatible scale R-signal
6FF40 depth of investigation liquid saturation method rugose
accelerator source depth reference liquid-junction potential rugosity
accuracy depth wheel log run
acid effect depth-derived logarithmic mean sampling error
acoustic log detail log logging sampling interval
acoustic mode diameter of invasion logging run sandstone compatible scale
acoustic transducer diameter of investigation logging tool sandstone porosity unit
acquisition log dielectric constant logging unit sandstone-compatible scale
activation log dielectric permittivity long spacing sonic log saturation equation
adjacent bed dielectric propagation log longitudinal relaxation saturation exponent
Alford rotation dielectric resistivity long-spacing sonic log saturation unit
alpha processing differential SP magnetic mud scintillation detector
altered zone differential spectrum magnetic resonance secondary porosity index
aluminum activation log diffusion maximum recorded temperature secondary-porosity index
annulus diffusion relaxation measure point shale baseline
antisqueeze dip correction measurement after drilling shifted spectrum
API unit direct hydrocarbon typing measurement error shoulder bed
apparent matrix dispersed clay measurement range sidewall
Archie equation distillation extraction medium induction sidewall core
Archie rock drainage membrane potential sieve analysis
armor drained test mercury displacement method sigma
array induction drillpipe conveyed microcylindrical log skin effect
array laterolog dual induction microlaterolog slow formation
array propagation resistivity dual water microlog slowing-down length
array sonic eccentralizer microporosity slowing-down time
attenuation echo spacing microresistivity slowness
attenuation resistivity effective porosity microspherical log slowness time coherence
azimuthal effective water saturation minute mark slowness-time coherence
azimuthal density elastic neutron scattering monopole small pore water
azimuthal laterolog electrical anisotropy moveable hydrocarbons small-pore water
azimuthal resolution electrical double layer moved hydrocarbons sonde
backup curve electrical log mud filtrate sonde error
bad hole electrical survey mudcake sonic measurement
balanced array electrode device multiple salinity SOR
base exchange electrode resistivity native state core Soxhlet extractor
base log electrokinetic potential natural gamma ray spectroscopy SP
BHT electromagnetic propagation neutron capture specific permeability
bimetallism electromagnetic propagation measurement neutron generator spectrum
Biot theory elemental capture spectroscopy neutron interactions spherical focusing
bit resistivity endfire array neutron log spine and ribs plot
borehole compensation enhanced diffusion neutron porosity spiral borehole
borehole correction environmental corrections NMR spontaneous potential
borehole gravity epithermal neutron porosity measurement normal spreading loss
borehole gravity meter equivalent conductance normal mode square log
borehole televiewer equivalent water resistivity nuclear magnetic resonance SSP
Born method estimated ultimate recovery nuclear magnetic resonance measurement standoff
bottom log interval excavation effect oil wet static spontaneous potential
bottomhole temperature far water oilfield battery steady state
bound fluid fast diffusion oil-wet step profile
bound water fast formation oxide closure model stick and slip
bound-fluid log fast formation arrival oxide-closure model Stoneley permeability
Boyle's Law fast neutron reaction pad stress induced anisotropy
Boyle's Law Double Cell fast-formation arrival pair production stress-induced anisotropy
Boyle's Law Single Cell fast-neutron reaction parallel resistivity structural shale
bridle filtrate pass summation of fluids method
broadside array filtrate slump PEF surrounding bed
bucking coil first reading permanent datum survey
bucking current fish permeameter systematic error
bulk relaxation fishing bell permittivity T1
buoyancy method flexural mode perpendicular resistivity T2
butterfly chart fluoroscopy phase shift tail
button resistivity flushed zone phase shift resistivity tapered cutoff
cable flushed zone water saturation phase-shift resistivity telemetry
cake flushed-zone water saturation photoelectric effect terrain correction
calibration formation Pickett plot thermal capture
camera formation evaluation pickup thermal diffusion length
capillary pressure curve formation exposure time pick-up thermal neutron absorber
carbon density formation factor play back thermal neutron porosity measurement
carbonate gamma ray formation water playback thorium
cartridge forward modeling polarization horn tick mark
cation exchange capacity Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy polarization time time after bit
cation-exchange capacity free fluid pore throat time lapse
cave effect free induction decay porosimeter time-lapse
cement bond log free water porosity exponent tool string
cementation exponent free-induction decay porosity unit top log interval
centralizer fresh core porous plate technique tornado chart
centrifuge fresh water potassium torpedo
channeling FTIR precision tortuosity
chemical neutron source full waveform preserved core total porosity
clay bound water Gal propagation resistivity trace
clay-bound water gamma ray interactions propagation resistivity measurement track
coding gamma ray log propagation time transition zone
compatible scales gamma-gamma log proximity log transmission tomography
compensated density log geochemical log pseudogeometrical factor transverse relaxation
compensated neutron log geometrical factor pseudostatic spontaneous potential true resistivity
compensated-density log GR PSP UCS
composite log grain density pulse echo ultra-long spaced electrical log
compressibility gravity units pulsed neutron spectroscopy log ultrasonic measurement
Compton scattering guard electrode pulsed neutron spectroscopy measurement uncertainty
computed tomography guard log pulse-echo unconfined compressive strength
conductive invasion head quadrant density undisturbed zone
conductive rock matrix model head wave quick look undrained test
conductivity heading quicklook uniaxial compressive strength
conductometric titration horizontal resistivity R signal unsteady state
core housing Rh uranium
core analysis Humble formula Rv variable-density log
core gamma log hybrid scale Rwa verification
core image hydrogen index radial processing verification listing
core plug ID radial resolution vertical resistivity
corkscrew hole IM radial response vertical resolution
corrected gamma ray imbibition radius of investigation vertical response
correlate in situ fluid analysis random error virgin zone
correlation log in situ viscosity evaluation real time data volumetric cross section
CPMG induced gamma ray spectroscopy real-time data wait time
cross dipole induction recorded data wall cake
cross section induction electrical survey recorder water filled resistivity
crossplot porosity inelastic neutron scattering reference point water saturation
crosswell electromagnetic tomography inertial resistance relative dielectric constant water wet
crosswell reflection tomography insert relative dielectric permittivity water-filled resistivity
crosswell seismic tomography in-situ fluid analysis relaxation time water-wet
crosswell tomography interwell tomography remaining oil saturation weak point
curve invaded zone repeat section well log
data rate invasion repeatability wet clay porosity
Dean-Stark extraction inverse reproducibility wet-clay porosity
deconvolution inverse filter reservoir quality (RQ) wettability
deep induction irreducible water residual oil whole core
delta rho isolated porosity residual oil saturation wireline
delta t iterative forward modeling resistive invasion wireline log
delta t stretch J factor resistivity X signal
delta-t stretch K coefficient resistivity index X-radiography
density measurement lag resistivity log X-ray diffraction
departure curve laminated sand resolution matched X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
dephasing laser diffraction response matched X-signal
depth correlation last reading restored state core Z/A effect

General Terms

API knot nautical mile standard temperature and pressure
GIIP moment pyrolysis STP
international nautical mile NACE


geochemistry kerogen pyrolysis source rock


abnormal pressure depositional system immiscible reefal
absolute age detrital impermeable regression
absolute permeability detritus in situ regressive
absolute pressure development incompetent relative age
abyss dextral injectite relative permeability
abyssal diagenesis in-situ reservoir
accommodation diagenetic interstitial water reservoir pressure
accumulation diagenetic porosity inversion retrogradation
active margin diapir isochore reverse fault
aeolian diatom isopach rheologic
aeolotropy diatomaceous isostasy rheological
aerated layer diatomite isostatic rheology
aggradation differential compaction isotropic rhombohedral packing
aggradational dike isotropy rift
alidade dip joint rock
allochthon dipping bed kaolinite s.g.
allochthonous dirty karst sabkha
allogenic disconformity kerogen salt
alluvial disharmonic lacustrine salt dome
alluvium displacement lamination sand
anaerobic dolomite lease sandstone
angular unconformity dolomitization limestone saturation
anhydrite dolostone lineament scout
anisotropic dome listric fault scout ticket
anisotropy down dip lithification seal
anomalous down lap lithofacies secondary migration
anomaly downdip lithologic secondary porosity
anoxic downlap lithologic contact sediment
anticlinal drained test lithology sedimentary
anticlinal trap drape lithosphere sedimentary basin
anticline dry gas lithostatic pressure sedimentation
antithetic fault dry rock lithostratigraphic seep
apparent dip dyke lithostratigraphy seismite
appraisal earthquake littoral sequence
aquifer effective permeability low velocity layer sequence boundary
arenaceous effective porosity low-velocity layer sequence stratigraphy
argillaceous elastic Ma shale
asphalt elastic deformation mafic shale oil
asthenosphere elastic limit magma shaly
attitude elasticity magnetic reversal sequence shear strain
aulacogen en echelon mantle shelf
authigenic eolian marine silica
autochthon erode marl silicate mineral
autochthonous erosion marsh siliciclastic sediment
axial surface estuarine massif similar fold
azimuth estuary matrix sinistral
azimuthal eustasy maturity slip
barite eustatic metamorphic smectite
base map evaporite metamorphism soft rock
basement evaporitic methane sorting
basin exploration methane hydrate sour
bathyal exploration play mica source rock
bed exploratory micrite specific gravity
bed thickness fabric micropaleontology spill point
bedrock facies midoceanic ridge strain
Benioff zone fairway migrate strata
benthic fault migration stratigraphic analysis
benthos fault trap Milankovitch cycles stratigraphic trap
bentonite feldspar mineral stratigraphy
biostratigraphic felsic mineralogy stratum
biostratigraphy fence diagram miscible stress
bitumen field Moho strike
Bouma sequence flower structure Mohorovicic discontinuity strike-slip fault
brine fluid contact moldic porosity structural
calcite fluvial montmorillonite structural trap
caliche fold MRS structure
cap rock formation My structure map
caprock formation pressure MYBP stylolite
carbonate formation water natural fracture subduction
cataclasite fossil natural gas subsalt
cataclastic fracture neritic subsidence
catagenesis fracture gradient nonconformity superposition
CBM fracture permeability normal fault swamp
cement fracture porosity normal pressure sweet
cementation free gas offset syncline
chalk free water oil field synthetic fault
channel fresh water oil kitchen systems tract
chert gas hydrate oil pool tadpole
cherty gas in solution oil prone tectonic environment
chlorite gas oil contact oil sand tectonics
chronostratigraphic chart gas prone oil water contact tectonism
chronostratigraphy gas sand oilfield temperature gradient
CI gas water contact oil-prone terrestrial
clastic intrusion gas-oil contact oil-water contact thermal gradient
clastic sediment gas-prone onlap thrust fault
clathrate gas-water contact orogenic tight
clay generation orogeny tight gas
clean geochemistry outcrop tight oil
clear brine geochronology overburden TOC
closure geologic overmature topographic map
coal geologic map overpressure tortuosity
coal bed methane geologic time scale overthrust transform fault
coal seam gas geological OWC transgression
coalbed methane geologist paleontology transgressive
coal-bed methane geology paludal transpression
coal-seam gas geomagnetic polarity reversal palustrine transtension
collision geomagnetic polarity time scale palynology trap
compaction geopressure parallel fold trend
competent geopressure gradient parasequence true dip
concentric fold geopressured passive margin true stratigraphic thickness
condensate geostatic pressure pay true vertical thickness
condensed section geothermal gradient permeability tuff
conformable glacial permeable tuffaceaous
conformity glauconite petrographic turbidite
connate water Global Positioning System petrography turbidity current
consolidated GOC petroleum UCS
consolidation GPS petroleum system Udden-Wentworth scale
contact GPTS petrologic unconfined compressive strength
continental shelf graben petrology unconformity
contour grain density pinch out unconformity trap
contour interval granite pinch-out unconventional resource
contour map groundwater plane table underpressure
convection growth fault plankton underpressured
conventional reservoir GWC plastic undrained test
convergence gypsum plastic deformation uniaxial compressive strength
convergent hade plate tectonics uniformitarianism
core halite plateau Universal Transverse Mercator grid (UTM)
correlate hard rock platform updip
correlation hardground play varve
craton harmonic plunge vesicle
crest heterogeneity point bar vesicular
critical moment heterogeneous pore vesicular porosity
crop out hiatal pore pressure virgin pressure
cross section hiatus pore pressure gradient vitrinite