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Well Completions

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well completions  Once a well has been drilled, specialized hardware and techniques are required to produce the well. This discipline covers various technologies used to bring hydrocarbons from the formation to the surface. Important terms range from back-pressure to tubing head and wiper plug. All definitions within this discipline have been written and reviewed by well-completion experts, and many are supplemented by high-quality illustrations. 


acetic acid acidizing annular space artificial lift
acid job adjustable choke annular velocity atmospheric corrosion
acid stimulation ambient temperature area open to flow axial loading


back pressure ball operated blasting cap breakthrough
back pressure valve ball sealers blow down bridge
back up ring ball-operated blowdown bridge plug
back wash barefoot completion bottomhole choke brine
back-pressure barite plug bottomhole injection pressure (bhip) bring in the well
back-pressure valve beam pump bottomhole pressure bubble flow
backside bean choke bottomhole sampler buffalo head
back-up ring blank pipe bottomhole static temperature bump the plug
backwash blast joint bottomhole temperature buoyancy
balanced plug blast sleeve breakdown pressure buttress thread
ball catcher


calcium carbonate plug casing swage choke completion quality (CQ)
cap the well casing test choke manifold completion skin
carbon dioxide corrosion casing thread Christmas tree composite frac tree
carbonate scale casing valve churn flow compression-set packer
carrier fluid cement circulation device conductor pipe
cased hole cement accelerator cleanup coning
casing cement additive clear brine contingency plan
casing bowl cement dispersant close in continuous gas lift
casing burst pressure cement extender close-in control line
casing collar locator (CCL) cement plug coiled tubing completion correlate
casing collar log cement retainer collar corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA)
casing completion cement retarder collar locator cresting
casing hanger cement squeeze collar lock cross over
casing hardware centralizer collar log crossflow
casing joint charged zone command trailer crossover
casing pressure check valve commingled flow crossover service tool
casing reciprocation chelating agent complete a well crown valve
casing shoe test chemical diverter completion crushed zone
casing spool chemical wash completion fluid crystallization temperature


damaged zone disposal well downhole safety valve (DSV) drillable packer
datum diverter downstream driller's depth
depleted zone diverting agent drain hole drop ball
depth control down stream drainhole dry gas
depth reference point downhole gauge drift dual completion


electric submersible pump expansion joint external pulling tool external upset
equalizing valve expendable plug


filtered brine flow coupling frac balls fracture
fines migration flow cross frac fluid fracturing fluid
fixed choke fluid invasion frac head fracturing mandrel
flag joint fluid-loss additive frac iron fracturing manifold
flange flush joint frac job fracturing sleeve
flange up formation damage frac manifold free water
float collar formation fluid frac stack froth flow
float shoe formation fracture pressure frac tree fullbore
flow check formation pressure


gas bearing gas lift valve gasdrive gauge ring
gas cap gas lock gas-lift mandrel goat head
gas coning gas oil contact gas-lift valve GOC
gas drive gas separator gas-oil contact gravel pack
gas injection gas well gate valve gravel pack screen
gas lift gas-bearing gauge pressure gravel-pack screen
gas lift mandrel


hammer union horizontal tree hydraulic fracture monitoring hydraulic-set
HF hot oiling hydraulic fracturing hydrofluoric hydrochloric acid
high-pressure manifold hot tapping hydraulic packer hydrofluoric-hydrochloric acid
holdup depth HUD hydraulic set hydrogen sulfide
hookwall packer


ICD inflow performance relationship injection pump intermediate casing
ICV inhibitor injection well intermittent gas lift
inflatable packer injection line instrument hanger internal pulling tool
inflow control device injection mandrel intelligent well iron stabilizer
inflow control valve injection pressure


J slot jar jet pump J-slot


landing collar lifting sub live oil lock mandrel
landing nipple liner lock lubricator valve
life of the well liner hanger


make up matrix acidizing microseismic monitoring mud acid
mandrel matrix stimulation minimum restriction multiphase fluid
manifold mechanical skin missile multiphase fluid flow
marginal well microannulus mist flow multiple completion
master valve


natural completion nipple down nitrogen cushion no go landing nipple
naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) nipple up nitrogen kickoff NODAL* analysis
neutral point nipple-down nitrogen lift no-go landing nipple
nipple nipple-up nitrogen unit


open flow potential openhole gravel pack opening bomb O-ring
open-flow potential openhole packer operating gas-lift valve (OGLV) oxygen scavenger
openhole completion openhole test orifice valve


pack off plug and abandon pressure buildup analysis production casing
packer plunger lift pressure drawdown production packer
packer fluid polished joint pressure transient test production string
packing gland polished rod primary cementing production tubing
paraffin pore pressure primary completion components production wing
perforating acid positive displacement pump primary recovery method productivity index (PI)
perforating fluid positive-displacement pump produced fluid profile modification
pipe stretch premium thread


rabbit reservoir pressure reverse circulating valve rod pump
recorder carrier reservoir quality (RQ) reverse circulation round thread
relative permeability retarder reverse-circulating valve running tool
release joint retrievable bridge plug reversing out rupture disk
reservoir height retrievable packer rigless operation


safety joint secondary production slip lock subsurface safety valve (SSSV)
salt plug selective nipple slug flow subsurface surface controlled safety valve (SSCSV)
sand selective running tool solution gas subsurface surface-controlled safety valve (SSCSV)
sand bailer sequestering agent solution gas drive sucker rod
sand consolidation setting tool sour corrosion sucker rod pump
sand control shear pin space out sulfide stress cracking
sand production shear stock spacer surface controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV)
sandface shifting tool stab in surface-controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV)
scale shoe track stab-in swab
scale inhibitor shoot a level standing valve swab valve
screen side pocket mandrel steam flood swage
screen out side-pocket mandrel steamflood sweep pill
screenout sieve analysis step rate test sweet corrosion
seal assembly simultaneous operation (SIMOP) stimulation sweet crude
seal receptacle skin storm choke sweet gas
sealbore slickline storm packer swellable packer
sealbore packer sliding sleeve strap swivel flange
seating nipple slip joint subsea well


tag through flowline (TFL) transition flow tubing joint
tail pipe through-flowline (TFL) travel joint tubing performance curve (TPC)
tally through-tubing tree saver tubing puncher
tapered string tie back liner tubing broach tubing seal assembly
tell tale tie back packer tubing end locator (TEL) tubing thread
tell-tale tie-back liner tubing grade tubingless completion
tension-set packer tie-back packer tubing hanger tubing-retrievable safety valve (TRSV)
thread protector tie-back string tubing head turbulent flow
thread rule


unload upstream


velocity string vertical lift


wait on cement water flood water-wet wire wrapped screen
water block water wet well stimulation wireline retrievable safety valve (WRSV)
water coning waterdrive wellbore diagram wireline-retrievable safety valve (WRSV)
water cushion waterflood wellhead wire-wrapped screen
water drive waterflooding wing valve


zipper manifold