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a acrylamido-methyl-propane sulfonate polymer amplitude variation with offset area open to flow
API Recommended Practice 10B Recommended Practice for Testing Well Cements acrylate polymer amplitude variation with offset and azimuth areal displacement efficiency
API Specification 10A – Specification for Cements and Materials for Well Cementing activation log AMPS areal sweep efficiency
abandonment costs active margin anaerobic arenaceous
abnormal events active sulfide analog argillaceous
abnormal pressure activity of aqueous solutions anchor pin arithmetic mean
abrasion test acyclic compound angle of approach armor
abrasive jetting adapter spool angle of incidence aromatic content test
absolute age additivity angle valve aromatic hydrocarbon
absolute filter adhesion tension angular dispersion array
absolute open flow potential adjacent bed angular unconformity array induction
absolute permeability adjustable choke anhydrite array laterolog
absolute pressure adjusted flow time aniline point test array propagation resistivity
absolute volume adsorbed gas anion array sonic
absorbing boundary conditions adsorption anionic arrival
absorptance advective transport modeling anisotropic arrival time
absorption aeolian anisotropic formation artificial intelligence
absorption band aeolotropy anisotropy artificial lift
absorption oil aerated layer annubar as delivered BTU
abyss aerobic annular blowout preventer as-delivered BTU
abyssal aeromagnetic survey annular BOP ASME
accelerator AFE annular flow ASP flooding
accelerator source afterflow annular gas flow asphalt
accelerometer AGC annular pressure asphaltene onset concentration
accommodation AGC time constant annular production asphaltene onset pressure
accretion agglomeration annular space asphaltene precipitation
accumulation aggradation annular velocity asphaltenes
accumulator aggradational annuli asphaltic crude
accuracy aggregate annulus asphaltic mud additive
acetic acid aggregation anode assignment
acid air cut mud anomalous asthenosphere
acid effect air drill anomaly ASTM
acid frac air drilling anoxic atmospheric corrosion
acid gas air gun antialias filter attapulgite
acid inhibitor air shooting anticlinal attenuate
acid job air wave anticlinal trap attenuation
acid number air-cut mud anticline attenuation resistivity
acid stimulation Alford rotation antifoam attitude
acid tank alias filter antifoam agent attribute
acid wash aliasing antisqueeze audio measurement
acidity alidade antithetic fault aulacogen
acidize aliphatic compound antiwhirl bit authigenic
acidizing alkaline AOF authority for expenditure
acoustic alkaline flooding AOFP autochthon
acoustic basement alkaline-surfactant-polymer flooding aperture autochthonous
acoustic coupler alkalinity API autocorrelation
acoustic emission alkalinity test API 6D: Specification for Pipeline Valves automatic gain control
acoustic impedance allochthon API cement autotrack
acoustic impedance section allochthonous API fluid loss test autotracking
acoustic log allogenic API fluid-loss test AV
acoustic mode alluvial API gravity AVA
acoustic positioning alluvium API unit AVAZ
acoustic transducer all-welded construction API water average reservoir pressure
acoustic transparency alpha processing apparent anisotropy average velocity
acoustic traveltime altered zone apparent dip AVO
acoustic velocity alum apparent matrix AVOAZ
acoustic velocity log aluminum activation log apparent velocity axial loading
acoustic wave aluminum stearate apparent viscosity axial surface
acquisition ambient temperature apparent wavelength axis of rotational symmetry
acquisition log amides applied-potential method azimuth
acrylamide acrylate polymer amines appraisal azimuthal
acrylamide polymer amplitude aquifer azimuthal density
acrylamide-acrylate polymer amplitude anomaly Archie equation azimuthal laterolog
acrylamido methyl propane sulfonate polymer amplitude distortion Archie rock azimuthal resolution