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back flow Bayesian method blasting cap Boyle's Law Double Cell
back in Bayesian probability bleed off Boyle's Law Single Cell
back off BBL or bbl bleedoff line brachistochrone
back pressure Bc blended crude braided line
back pressure valve Bcf blender brake
back propagation Bcf/D blind box break
back stripping bead tracer blind ram break circulation
back up beam blind shear ram break out
back up ring beam pump blind zone breakdown pressure
back wash bean blind-shear ram breaker
backflow bean choke block breakout
background gas Bearden units of consistency block valve breakout cathead
back-in Beaufort scale blockage breakout tongs
backoff bed block-and-bleed breakthrough
backpressure bed thickness blow down bridge
back-pressure bed wrap blow out bridge off
back-pressure valve bedrock blow out preventer bridge plug
back-propagation bel blow-by bridge-off
backscatter bell nipple blowdown bridging agent
backside belt effect blowdown valve (BDV) bridging material
back-stripping benchmark blowing the drip bridle
backup curve beneficiate blowout Briggs color cube
back-up ring beneficiation blowout preventer bright spot
backward multiple-contact test Benioff zone BLPD brine
backwash benthic BM bring in the well
bactericide benthos BOD British thermal unit
bad hole bentonite body relief valve (BRV) broach
balance point bentonite equivalent body wave broadside array
balanced activity oil mud bevel gear operated (BGO) valve Boltzmann probability distribution bromide brine
balanced array BGG bomb bromocresol green
balanced plug BHA bond log Brookfield viscometer
balanced-activity oil mud BHCT Bond number brownfield
ball catcher BHP bonnet Brownian motion
ball diverter BHST bonus consideration brute stack
ball dropper BHT Boolean simulation BS&W
ball launcher bias booster BTU
ball operated bias weld BOP bubble count
ball out bicarb BOP stack bubble effect
ball sealers bicarbonate BOPD bubble flow
ball valve bicenter bit borehole bubble point
ball-operated bichromate salt borehole compensation bubblepoint
ballout bid and study agreement borehole correction bubble-tight shutoff
band big hole charge borehole gravity bucking coil
band limited function big-hole charge borehole gravity meter bucking current
band pass bilinear flow borehole orientation buffalo head
band reject billion cubic feet borehole seismic data buffer
band-limited function billion cubic feet per day borehole televiewer buffer solution
band-pass bimetallic corrosion Born method buffered mud
band-reject bimetallism bottle test buffered solution
bank firing bin bottom log interval buggy vibro
barefoot Bingham plastic model bottom sample buildup test
barefoot completion bioaccumulation bottomhole assembly bulk modulus
barite bioassay bottomhole choke bulk relaxation
barite plug biochemical oxygen demand bottomhole circulating temperature bulk volume
barrel equivalent biocide bottomhole gas separator bull plug
barrel pump bioconcentration bottomhole heater bullet perforating
barrels of liquid per day biodegradation bottomhole injection pressure (bhip) bullhead
barrels of oil per day biopolymer bottomhole pressure bump the plug
barrels of water per day biostratigraphic bottomhole sampler bundle
baryte biostratigraphy bottomhole shut in buoyancy
base exchange Biot theory bottomhole shut-in buoyancy method
base log biphasic bottomhole static temperature burn over
base map bird bottomhole temperature burn shoe
base of weathering birefringence bottoms up burn-over
base oil bit bottoms up mud sample butt weld
base slurry bit box bottoms-up butterfly chart
base station bit breaker bottoms-up mud sample butterfly valve
baseline bit nozzle Bouguer anomaly button resistivity
basement bit record Bouguer correction buttress thread
basic wavelet bit resistivity Bouma sequence BWOB
basin bit trip bound fluid BWOC
basket bitumen bound water BWOW
basket flowmeter bivariate analysis boundary conditions BWPD
basket sub black list bounded reservoir by weight of blend
batch mixer Blaine fineness bound-fluid log by weight of cement
batch treatment bland coring fluid bow tie by weight of water
bathyal blank pipe bow-spring centralizer bypass
battery blanket gas box bypass velocity
battery site blast joint box plots bypassed mud
Bayesian inference blast sleeve Boyle's Law