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C pump cement squeeze coarse continuity equation
cable cementation coating continuous gas lift
cable head cementation exponent coating flaw continuous phase
cable-tool drilling cementer COD continuous reservoir
cake cementing coding contour
cake thickness cementing engineer COFCAW contour interval
calcite cementing plug cogeneration contour map
calcium bromide centipoise coherence contract depth
calcium carbonate centralizer coherence filtering control line
calcium carbonate plug centrifugal pump coherence map control valve
calcium chloride centrifuge coherence vector map controlled time survey
calcium contamination CERCLA coherent controller
calcium hydroxide cesium acetate coherent detection convection
calcium mud cesium formate coherent noise conventional mud
calcium naphthenate chain tongs coiled tubing conventional reservoir
calcium oxide chalk coiled tubing completion convergence
calcium sulfate channel coiled tubing connector convergent
calcium test channel wave coiled tubing drilling converted wave
calibration channeling coiled tubing string conveyance
caliche character coiled tubing unit convolution
caliper log charged zone coke convolve
camera Charpy test cokriging copolymer
cap check shot survey cold heavy oil production with sand copper carbonate
cap rock check valve cold production core
cap the well check-shot survey collapse pressure core analysis
capacitance log chelate collar core gamma log
capacitance meter chelating agent collar locator core image
capacity factor (of a valve), Cv, Kv chelation collar lock core plug
capillary number chemical barrel collar log core testing
capillary pressure curve chemical cutter collector coreflooding
capillary suction time test chemical diversion collision coring fluid
capillary tube viscometer chemical diverter colloid corkscrew hole
capillary-suction-time test chemical flooding colloidal corrected gamma ray
caprock chemical injection colloidal solids correcting pressure to a datum
caprock effect chemical marker injection colloidal suspension correlate
capsule gun chemical neutron source combi BOP correlation
carbide lag test chemical oxygen demand combination string correlation log
carbon density chemical potential come out of the hole correlogram
carbon dioxide chemical wash command trailer corrosion
carbon dioxide corrosion chemical-marker injection commercial rate corrosion control
carbonate Chenevert Method commingled completion corrosion coupon
carbonate gamma ray chert commingled flow corrosion fatigue
carbonate ion cherty common depth point corrosion inhibitor
carbonate scale chloride test common midpoint corrosion rate
carbonate test chlorite common midpoint method corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA)
carboxymethyl hydroxyethylcellulose choke common offset cosolvent
carboxymethyl starch choke line common receiver cost oil
carboxymethylcellulose choke manifold common receiver gather cosurfactant
carried working interest CHOPS common reflection point counterbalance weight
carrier fluid Christmas tree common source counterbalance winch
carrier gun chromate salt common source gather coupling
carry over chrome free common-offset coupon
carrying capacity chrome lignite common-receiver CPMG
carryover chrome lignosulfonate common-receiver gather cracking
cartridge chrome tubing common-source craton
cased hole chrome-free common-source gather creaming
casing chromic salt communitization crest
casing bowl chronostratigraphic chart compaction cresting
casing burst pressure chronostratigraphy compaction correction CRG
casing centralizer churn flow company man critical angle
casing collar CI company representative critical damping
casing collar locator (CCL) circle shooting compartment critical flow rate
casing collar log circulate compartmentalization critical gas flow rate
casing completion circulate out compatibility critical matrix
casing coupling circulation compatible scales critical moment
casing grade circulation device compensated density log critical rate
casing gun circulation loss compensated neutron log critical reflection
casing hanger circulation sub compensated-density log crooked hole
casing hardware circulation system competent crop out
casing head circulation time complete a well cross dipole
casing inspection log circulation valve completion cross over
casing joint citric acid completion fluid cross section
casing patch city gate completion quality (CQ) crosscorrelate
casing point classical reservoir modeling completion skin crosscorrelation
casing potential profile clastic intrusion complex trace analysis crosscorrelation flowmeter
casing pressure clastic sediment complex-trace analysis crossflow
casing reciprocation clathrate composite frac tree crossline
casing roller clay composite log crosslinker
casing scraper clay bound water composite stream crossover
casing shoe clay extender compositional fluid analysis crossover service tool
casing shoe test clay stabilizer compressibility crossplot
casing spool clay swelling compression ratio crossplot porosity
casing string clay water interaction compressional wave cross-sectional
casing swage clay-bound water compression-set packer crosswell electromagnetic tomography
casing test clay-water interaction compressor crosswell reflection tomography
casing thread clean compressor plant crosswell seismic tomography
casing valve clean out Compton scattering crosswell tomography
casinghead cleanout computed tomography crown block
casing-inspection log cleanup concentric crown valve
casing-potential profile clear brine concentric fold crude oil
cat line clear water drilling conceptual model crushed zone
cataclasite clear-water drilling concession crust
cataclastic clevis condensate crustal magnetic field
catagenesis close in condensate liquids crystallization temperature
cathead closed chamber testing condensate ratio CSG
cathode closed in well condensed section CSS
cathodic protection closed mud system condensing drive CT
cation closed-chamber testing conditional simulation cubic packing
cation exchange capacity closed-in well conductance cultural anomaly
cation-exchange capacity close-in conductive invasion cultural noise
cationic closing unit conductive rock matrix model cumulative production
catline closure conductivity curing
catwalk closure pressure conductometric titration curve
caustic extraction test cloud point conductor pipe curve fitting
caustic potash cloud point glycol conformable curve matching
caustic soda cluster conformity cushion
cave effect cluster analysis conical projection cut
cavings CMC coning cut and thread fishing technique
cavitation CMC-Hi Vis connate water cut oil
CBM CMC-HVT connection cut point
CDP CMC-Lo Vis connection gas cut-and-thread fishing technique
CEC CMC-LVT consistency Cutt point
cellar CMHEC consistometer cuttings
cellulosic polymer CMP consolidated cuttings lifting
cement CMS consolidation CWA
cement accelerator CO2 injection constant composition expansion cycle condensate
cement additive coal constant rate cycle gas
cement bond log coal bed methane contact cycle skip
cement dispersant coal gasification contact angle cycle time
cement evaluation log coal seam gas contact time cyclic steam injection
cement extender coalbed methane contaminant cycling plant
cement head coal-bed methane contamination gas cyclothem
cement plug coalesce continental shelf cylinder
cement retainer coalescence contingency plan cylinder operator
cement retarder coal-seam gas