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damage derivative logs direct hydrocarbon typing draw down
damaged zone derrick direct indicating viscometer drawdown
damping derrick floor direct-indicating viscometer drawdown test
darcy derrickman directional driller drawworks
Darcy units desander directional drilling drift
dart desiccant directional permeability drill bit
data rate desilter directional survey drill collar
datum desulfurize directional variograms drill in fluid
datum correction detail log directional well drill noise vertical seismic profile
datum level detectable limit directivity drill pipe
day rate detector dirty drill ship
daylight tour detergency disbonding drill solids
dB determinism disconformity drill string
DD deterministic deconvolution discontinuity drillable packer
DEA unit deterministic methods disharmonic drilled solids
dead oil detonate dispersant driller
Dean-Stark extraction detonating cord dispersed bubble flow driller's depth
decibel detonator dispersed clay drill-in fluid
decollement detrital dispersion drilling break
deconvolution detritus displacement drilling contractor
deep induction development displacement efficiency drilling crew
deep penetrating charge deviated drilling displacement fluid drilling detergent
deep seismic sounding deviated hole displacement front drilling fluid
deep tow deviation disposal well drilling foreman
deep-penetrating charge deviation survey dissolved solids drilling mud
deepwater play dew point distillation extraction drilling procedure
deep-water play dewatering distortion drilling program
deflector flowmeter dewpoint distributed temperature log drilling rate
deflocculant dextral distributed-temperature log drilling rig
deflocculate diagenesis distribution drilling riser
deflocculated mud diagenetic diurnal variation drilling-fluid engineer
deflocculation diagenetic porosity divergence drill-noise vertical seismic profile
defoamer diameter of invasion diversion drillpipe
defoaming plates diameter of investigation diverter drillpipe conveyed
degasser diamond bit diverter flowmeter drillship
degree API diapir diverting agent drillstem
dehydrate diatom division order drillstem test
dehydration diatomaceous Dix formula drillstring
dehydrator diatomite DMO drip
delay rental dichromate salt dog collar drip accumulator
deliverability test dielectric dog house droop
delta dielectric constant dog leg drop ball
delta rho dielectric permittivity doghouse drop bar
delta t dielectric propagation log dogleg drop sub
delta t stretch dielectric resistivity dolomite dropoff gun
deltaic diesel oil mud dolomitization drop-off gun
delta-t stretch diesel-oil mud dolostone dropout
demulsifier diesel-oil plug domain dry bed
densimeter difference map domainal fabric dry bed dehydrator
densitometer differential compaction domainal structure dry combustion
density differential pressure dome dry forward combustion
density contrast differential pressure sticking doodlebugger dry gas
density current differential SP dope dry hole
density measurement differential spectrum dosing pump dry oil
density profile differential sticking double block-and-bleed dry rock
departure curve differential temperature log double refraction dry-bed dehydrator
dephasing differential weathering correction down dip DSS
depleted zone differential-temperature log down lap DST
depletion difficult to disperse down stream DST pressure chart
deployment system difficult to disperse in salt down stroke dual completion
depocenter diffraction downdip dual induction
deposit diffraction stack downhole gauge dual water
depositional energy diffusion downhole receiver dual-permeability reservoir
depositional environment diffusion equation downhole safety valve (DSV) dual-porosity reservoir
depositional system diffusion relaxation downhole sensors due diligence
depth control dike downhole source dummy valve
depth controller dilatancy downlap dump bailer
depth conversion dilatancy theory downstream duplex pump
depth correlation dilatation downstream pipeline duster
depth datum dilatational wave downstroke dye penetrant inspection
depth derived diluent downward continuation dyke
depth map dilution Draeger tube dynamic correction
depth mark dilution water drag bag dynamic filter press
depth matched dim spot drag bit dynamic filtration
depth matching dip drag-bag dynamic fluid level
depth migration dip correction Dräger tube dynamic miscibility
depth of invasion dip fault drain hole dynamic positioning
depth of investigation dip moveout drainage dynamic range
depth point dip tube drainage area dynamic seal
depth reference dipole drainage volume dynamic-aging test
depth reference point dipole field drained test dynamite
depth section dipping bed drainhole dynamometer
depth wheel direct emulsifier drape dynamometer card