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early time transient data electric probe end point estuarine
early-time transient data electric submersible pump endfire array estuary
earthquake electrical anisotropy endless tubing eta (η)
easy to disperse electrical conductivity endpoint Euclidian dimension
easy to disperse in salt electrical coupon enhanced diffusion Euclidian distance
eccentralizer electrical double layer enhanced oil recovery eustasy
eccentric electrical impedance probe entrained gas eustatic
eccentricity electrical log entrance hole eustatic sea level
ECD electrical permittivity environmental corrections evaporation pit
echo spacing electrical resistance probe eolian evaporite
EDA electrical resistivity EOR evaporitic
eddy current electrical stability test Eötvös number evening tour
eddy current measurement electrical survey EPA event
eddy-current measurement electrode device Epanechnikov kernel excavation effect
EDTA electrode resistivity epithermal neutron porosity measurement excess cement
eel electrodynamic brake epm exit velocity
effective laminar flow electrohygrometer epsilon (ε) expanding cement
effective medium theory electrokinetic potential equalizing loop expanding gate valve
effective permeability electromagnetic caliper equalizing valve expansion joint
effective porosity electromagnetic heating equation of state expectation
effective shot density electromagnetic method equipotential method expendable gun
effective velocity electromagnetic propagation equivalent circulating density expendable plug
effective water saturation electromagnetic propagation measurement equivalent conductance expert system
effective wellbore radius electromagnetic thickness equivalent sack exploration
eigenvector elemental capture spectroscopy equivalent water resistivity exploration play
elastic elevation correction equivalent weight exploratory
elastic anisotropy elevator ERD explosive seismic data
elastic constants embedded wavelet erode extended reach drilling
elastic deformation embrittlement erosion extended spread
elastic impedance emergency shutdown valve (ESDV) erosion corrosion extended-reach drilling
elastic limit empirical erosion-corrosion extensive dilatancy anisotropy
elastic moduli emulsifier error external cutter
elastic neutron scattering emulsion ES test external disturbance field
elastic wave emulsion flow escape line external phase
elasticity emulsion mud ESP external pulling tool
electric gas lift valves en echelon estimated ultimate recovery external upset
electric gas-lift valves encapsulation