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lacustrine least time path liquid hydrocarbons longitudinal plot
lag least-time path liquid level longitudinal relaxation
lag gas leonardite liquid saturation method long-path multiple
lag time lessor royalty liquid-junction potential long-spacing sonic log
Lamé constant levelwind listric fault loose emulsion
laminar flow LGS lithification lost circulation
laminated sand licensing round lithofacies lost circulation material
lamination life of the well lithologic lost returns
landing collar lifting frame lithologic contact lost-circulation material
landing nipple lifting sub lithology LOT
LAO light crude oil lithosphere Love wave
Laplace equation light hydrocarbons lithostatic pressure low colloid oil mud
laser diffraction light pipe lithostratigraphic low gravity solids
last reading lignin lithostratigraphic inversion low solids mud
last-shot detection lignite lithostratigraphy low solids nondispersed mud
late time transient data lignosulfonate littoral low specific gravity solids
lateral lime mud live cement low velocity layer
late-time transient data limestone live oil low yield clay
latex limestone compatible scale LNG low-colloid oil mud
layer limestone porosity unit LNGC low-gravity solids
layer cake geometry limestone-compatible scale load cell low-pressure, low-temperature filtration test
layer stripping limited entry load oil low-salinity waterflooding
layer-cake geometry line drive local content low-solids mud
layered reservoir testing line source solution local holdup low-solids, nondispersed mud
lb/bbl lineament local magnetic interference low-specific-gravity solids
lbm/bbl linear alphaolefin local probe lowstand systems tract
LC50 linear flow lock low-velocity layer
LCM liner lock mandrel low-yield clay
lead acetate test liner hanger lock-up LPG
lead cement liner patch log LS
leak detection line-source solution logarithmic mean lubricant
leak off lip seal logging lubricator
leakoff lipophilic logging run lubricator valve
leakoff test liquefied natural gas logging tool lubricity
leaky mode liquefied natural gas carrier logging unit LWD
lean gas liquefied petroleum gas logging while drilling lyophilic
lean gas condensate liquid additive logging-while-drilling lyophilic colloid
lean glycol liquid blocking long path multiple lyophobic
lean oil liquid desiccant long spacing sonic log lyophobic colloid