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m measurement range mineralogy mud acid
Mf measurements while drilling Minerals Management Service mud additive
Ma measurements-while-drilling minifrac mud aging cell
mafic measuring tank minimum miscibility concentration mud anchor
magma mechanical diversion minimum miscibility enrichment mud balance
magnesium test mechanical jar minimum miscibility pressure mud cell
magnetic constant mechanical skin minimum restriction mud cleaner
magnetic field mechanical specific energy minimum time path mud cup
magnetic flux leakage mechanical sticking minimum-time path mud density
magnetic mud median minute mark mud engineer
magnetic particle inspection (MPI) medium mis tie mud filtrate
magnetic permeability medium induction miscible mud hopper
magnetic resonance membrane potential miscible displacement mud house
magnetic reversal sequence memory gauge missile mud in
magnetic toolface meniscus mist mud in sample
magnetic total field mercury displacement method mist drilling mud motor
magnetic-flux leakage metagenesis mist extractor mud out
magnetics metal gain mist flow mud out sample
magnetometer metal loss mis-tie mud oven
magnetotelluric method metal-to-metal seal mixed deposits mud pit
main magnetic field metamorphic mixed metal hydroxide mud program
make a connection metamorphism mixed metal silicate mud pulse telemetry
make hole meter mixed-metal hydroxide mud report
make up meter calibration mixed-metal silicate mud retort
make up water meter capacity MMC mud return line
makeup cathead meter difference MME mud scale
makeup gas meter factor MMH mud still
makeup tongs meter slippage MMS mud tracer
make-up water methane MMscf mud up
managed pressure drilling methane hydrate mobile offshore drilling unit mud weight
mandrel methyl orange mobility mud-aging cell
manifold methyl orange alkalinity mobility buffer mudcake
mantle methylene blue dye mobility control mudding off
map methylene blue test mobility ratio mudding up
marginal well methylglucoside drilling fluid model mud-in sample
marine mica modeling mud-out sample
marine drilling riser micellar polymer flooding modified isochronal test mudrock
marine flooding surface micellar-polymer flooding MODU Multiazimuth towed-streamer acquisition
marker bed micelle modulus of compression multi-capacitance flowmeter
marker joint micrite modulus of elasticity multicomponent seismic data
marketing agreement microannulus modulus of rigidity multifinger caliper
marl microbial enhanced oil recovery Moho multilateral
marsh microcylindrical log Mohorovicic discontinuity multipass method
Marsh funnel microemulsion moldic porosity multiphase
Marsh funnel viscosity microgel moment multiphase flow
mass balance microlaterolog monkey board multiphase fluid
massif microlog monkeyboard multiphase fluid flow
mast micropaleontology monomer multiphase holdup log
mast unit microporosity monopole multiphase meter
master valve microresistivity Monte Carlo risk analysis multiphase pump
material balance microseismic monitoring Monte Carlo sampling multiple completion
material balance equation microspherical log Monte Carlo simulation multiple isotope log
Material Safety Data Sheet middle time transient data montmorillonite multiple isotope spectroscopy
material-balance equation middle-time transient data monument multiple rate tests
matrix midoceanic ridge moon pool multiple reflection
matrix acidizing midpoint morning tour multiple regression
matrix stimulation midrange mosquito bill multiple salinity
maturation migrate motorman multiple service contract
maturity migration mousehole multiple-contact miscibility
maximum flooding surface Milankovitch cycles moveable hydrocarbons multiple-isotope log
maximum recorded temperature milk emulsion mud moved hydrocarbons multiple-isotope spectroscopy
maximum treating pressure mill moveout multiple-rate tests
maximum working pressure (MWP) mill out moving-source method multishot survey
Maxwell's equations mill shoe MPD multiwell pad
MBT test milligrams per kilogram mpy mute
MD milligrams per liter MRS mutual solvent
mean milling Mscf/d MWD
measure point million standard cubic feet MSDS My
measured depth mils per year penetration MSE MYBP
measurement after drilling mineral MT mysid shrimp
measurement error mineral interest mud