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p rate perpendicular offset polarization horn pressure-composition diagram
p wave perpendicular resistivity polarization time pressure-drawdown analysis
P&A petal basket flowmeter polished joint pressure-squared plot
Pf petrographic polished rod pressure-transient analysis
Pm petrography polyacrylamide pressure-transient well tests
PAC petroleum polyacrylate pressurized mud balance
pack off petroleum system polyalkalene glycol primary cementing
packer petroleum systems modeling polyalphaolefin primary completion components
packer flowmeter petrologic polyanionic cellulose primary migration
packer fluid petrology polyanionic lignin primary porosity
packing petrophysical model polycrystalline diamond compact bit primary production
packing gland petrophysical rock type polyelectrolyte primary recovery
packoff pH polyglycerol primary recovery method
pad pH test polymer primary reflection
paddle blender phantom polymer flooding primary term
paddle mixer phase polymer plug prime mover
PAG phase redistribution polyol primer cord
paid up lease phase shift polyolefin principal axis
paid-up lease phase shift resistivity polyphosphates principal component analysis
pair production phase velocity polysaccharide probability
paleontology phase velocity log pony rod probe
paludal phase-shift resistivity POOH processing
palustrine phase-velocity log pooling produced fluid
palynology phenolphthalein poppet valve produced water
PAO phosphate salt pore producing formation
paraffin photoelectric effect pore gas producing well
paraffin base crude oil photon log pore pressure production
paraffin control PHPA pore pressure gradient production bonus
paraffin inhibitor PHPA mud pore pressure transmission production casing
paraffin scraper PI pore throat production log
paraffin scratcher pick pore-pressure gradient production packer
paraffin-base crude oil Pickett plot pore-pressure transmission production payment
paraffinic hydrocarbon pickle porosimeter production penalty
paraformaldehyde pickling fluid porosity production period
parallel fold pickup porosity exponent production service contract
parallel resistivity pick-up porosity unit production sharing contract
parameter pig porous production string
parametric pig run porous medium production tree
parasequence pigging porous plate technique production tubing
parasequence boundary pill portland cement production wing
parasequence set pilot mill portland cement clinker productivity index (PI)
PARCOM pilot test positive displacement motor productivity test
partial completion pilot-operated regulator positive displacement pump profile
partial penetration pin positive-displacement pump profile modification
participating interest pinch out post profile testing
particle plugging apparatus pinch-out post mature profiling
particle size distribution pinion shaft post-mature profit oil
particle-plugging apparatus pipe dope potassium progradation
particle-plugging test pipe heavy potassium ion progressive cavity pumping system
particle-size distribution pipe light potassium mud progressive gels
partitioning pipe rack potential field propagation constant
parts per billion pipe ram pounds per barrel propagation resistivity
parts per million pipe stretch pour point propagation resistivity measurement
party pipe trip power fluid injection rate propagation time
party chief pipeline power law fluid proppant
party manager pipeline capacity power oil propylene glycol normal propyl ether
pascal pipeline gas power-fluid injection rate prorated well
pass pipeline oil power-law fluid proration unit
passive margin pipeline patrol pozzolan prospect
patch piston effect pozzolanic proximity log
pay PIT PPA pseudogeometrical factor
payout pitch-and-lead ppb pseudoplastic
PDC bit Pitot tube ppg pseudopressure plot
PDM pitting ppm pseudostatic spontaneous potential
peak plane table PPT pseudosteady state
peak shaving plane wave p-rate PSP
PEF plankton precipitate pull out of the hole
peg leg multiple plant precipitation pull up
peg-leg multiple plastic precision pulling tool
pendant-drop tensiometer plastic deformation preferential right to operate pull-up
penetration rate plastic fluid preferential right to purchase pulse echo
peptization plastic viscosity preflush pulsed neutron holdup log
peptize plate out pregelatinized starch pulsed neutron spectroscopy log
peptized clay plate tectonics prehydrate pulsed neutron spectroscopy measurement
peptizing agent plateau prehydrated bentonite pulsed-neutron holdup log
perforate platform prehydration pulse-echo
perforate overbalanced play premium thread pump barrel
perforate underbalanced play back preservation pump cavitation
perforated interval playback preservative pump manifold
perforated liner PLT preserved core pump off
perforating acid plug and abandon pressure pump submergence
perforating charge plug flow pressure buildup pump volumetric efficiency
perforating depth control log plug valve pressure buildup analysis pumpability
perforating depth-control log plugging material pressure capability pumper
perforating fluid plunge pressure depletion pumping schedule
perforating gun plunger lift pressure drawdown pumping time
perforation plunger overtravel pressure falloff pumping well
perforation density PNP pressure gauge pumping well tests
perforation penetration POD pressure gradient pump-off
perforation phasing point bar pressure hunt push down
periodogram point of departure pressure integrity test push-down
permafrost poise pressure sender pusher
permanent datum Poisson distribution pressure squared plot PV
permanent well monitoring Poisson's ratio pressure storage tank PVT
permeability polar pressure transient analysis P-wave
permeability thickness polar compound pressure transient test pyrolysis
permeable polarity pressure transient well test pyrophosphate
permeameter polarity standard pressure transient well tests pyrrhotite