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R signal recovery reservoir drive mechanisms right angle set
Rh recovery factor reservoir height right of first refusal
Rv recovery forecast reservoir heterogeneities right-angle set
Rwa recycled gas reservoir modeling rigless operation
rabbit red mud reservoir pressure RIH
racking back pipe redox reservoir quality (RQ) ring resistivity
radial array reduced water slurry reservoir simulation ringworm corrosion
radial differential temperature log reduced-water slurry reservoir-drive mechanisms rising stem
radial differential-temperature log reducing agent residence time rising-bubble apparatus
radial faulting reef residual bend RM
radial processing reefal residual oil road box
radial refraction reel residual oil saturation rock
radial resolution reel back tension resin rock mechanics
radial response reel back-tension resistive invasion rock properties
radio safe detonator reeled tubing resistivity rock types
radio silence reference point resistivity index Rockwell hardness number
radioactive tracer reflection resistivity log Rockwell hardness testing
radioactive tracer log reflection coefficient resolution rod elevators
radioactive-tracer log reflection tomography resolution matched rod pump
radiographic inspection reflectivity response matched rod string
radio-safe detonator reflector restored state core rod unit
radius of curvature refraction retarder roll a tank
radius of investigation refractive index retention time roll line
ram blowout preventer refractor retort roller cone bit
ram preventer refracturing retort method roller stem
random error regression retort solids roller-cone bit
random noise regression coefficient retort test rolling aging test
random walk method regressive retrievable bridge plug rolling-aging test
random-walk method regulatory body retrievable gun root mean square velocity
range of load relative age retrievable packer root-mean-square velocity
rarefaction relative dielectric constant retrogradation ROP
rate dependent skin effect relative dielectric permittivity retrograde condensation ROS
rate of penetration relative filtrate volume returns rotary bushing
rate of shear relative humidity reverse circulating valve rotary drilling
rate-dependent skin effect relative permeability reverse circulation rotary hose
rathole relaxation time reverse combustion rotary steerable system
raw crude oil relaxed filtrate oil mud reverse fault rotary table
raw natural gas relaxed-filtrate oil mud reverse-circulating valve rotating control device
ray release joint reversing out rotational gas lift
ray path relief valve RH roughneck
ray tracing relinquishment rheologic round thread
Rayleigh wave remaining oil saturation rheological round trip
raypath remedial cementing rheological property roustabout
RCD remote sensing rheology routine core analysis
RCRA remotely operated vehicle rheology modifier ROV
real time data repeat section rhombohedral packing royalty
real-time data repeatability rich gas royalty interest
ream replacement velocity rich gas condensate RP
receiver reproducibility rich glycol R-signal
reciprocate reserve mud pit rich oil rugose
reciprocating pump reserve pit Rich-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition rugosity
recirculating mixer reserve-mud pit Ricker wavelet run
record reservoir rift run in hole
recorded data reservoir characterization rig running squeeze
recorder reservoir characterization model rig down running tool
recorder carrier reservoir communication rig floor rupture disk
recoverable gas lift gas reservoir description rig up