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S wave shale gas smile stearate
s.g. shale oil Snell's law steerable motor
sabkha shale shaker SNG stem
sack shaly snub stem indicator
sacrificial anode shaped charge snubbers step profile
safety clamp shear snubbing step rate test
safety head shear modulus snubbing basket stick and slip
safety joint shear pin snubbing force stimulation
safety spacer shear ram snubbing jack stimulation byproduct
safety valve shear rate soak phase stimulation fluid
sag shear seal BOP soap stochastic analysis
SAGD shear stock soda ash stochastic methods
salt shear strain sodium acid pyrophosphate stochastic modeling
salt dome shear strength sodium bicarbonate stock tank
salt plug shear strength measurement test sodium carbonate stock tank barrel
salt proximity survey shear stress sodium chromate stock-tank oil initially in place
salt proximity vertical seismic profile shear wave sodium dichromate stock-tank original oil in place
salt proximity VSP shearometer sodium hydroxide STOIIP
salt-proximity vertical seismic profile shear-seal BOP sodium phosphate Stoneley permeability
salt-proximity VSP shear-strength measurement test sodium polyacrylate Stoneley wave
saltwater flow sheave sodium silicate STOOIP
saltwater mud sheen soft line stopple
sample frequency sheen test soft rock storm choke
sample interval shelf soft water storm packer
sample rate shifted spectrum softline STP
sampling error shifting tool Solar terrestrial rhythms strain
sampling interval shoe solid desiccant strainer
sand shoe joint solubility strap
sand bailer shoe track solution gas strapping tape
sand cleanout shoot a level solution gas drive strata
sand consolidation shoot a well solution gasdrive stratified flow
sand control short trip sonde stratigraphic analysis
sand lifting short-path multiple sonde error stratigraphic trap
sand line shot depth sonic stratigraphy
sand out shot detection sonic log stratum
sand production shot point sonic measurement streamer
sand test shotpoint sonolog streamer feathering
sand trap shoulder bed SOR strength retrogression
sandface show sorting stress
sandout shrimp test sound stress corrosion cracking
sandstone shut in bottomhole pressure sour stress induced anisotropy
sandstone compatible scale shut in royalty sour corrosion stress-corrosion cracking
sandstone petrography shut-in bottomhole pressure sour crude oil stress-induced anisotropy
sandstone porosity unit shut-in pressure sour gas strike
sandstone-compatible scale shut-in royalty source strike fault
SAPP shutoff valve source pattern strike-slip fault
SARA analysis SH-wave source point strip gun
satellite platform SIBHP source rock stripper rubber
saturated solution SIBP sourcepoint stripping
saturation side pocket mandrel Soxhlet extractor stripping ram
saturation equation side scan sonar SP stroke
saturation exponent side-pocket mandrel SPA strokes per minute
saturation unit siderite space frequency domain structural
saver sub side-scan sonar space out structural analysis
SBR sideswipe space-frequency domain structural shale
SCAL sidetrack spacer structural steering
scale sidewall spacer fluid structural trap
scale inhibitor sidewall core spacing structure
scale inhibitor squeeze Sierpinski gasket spacing unit structure map
scale removal sieve analysis specific gravity stuck
scale-inhibitor squeeze sigma specific permeability stuck pipe
scallop gun signal spectral stuffing box
scattergram signal to noise ratio spectral density analysis stylolite
scavenger signal-to-noise ratio spectrum styrene
SCC signature spherical divergence sub
schedule signature deconvolution spherical flow subduction
scintillation detector silica spherical focusing submersible drilling rig
Scotch yoke silica layer spherical harmonic subsalt
scout silicate spherical separator subsea isolation valve
scout ticket silicate anion spherical wave subsea well
scraper silicate mineral spill point subsidence
scraper trap silicate mud spin flowmeter subsurface pressure
scratcher silicic acid spine and ribs plot subsurface safety valve (SSSV)
screen siliciclastic sediment spinner flowmeter subsurface surface controlled safety valve (SSCSV)
screen out silt spinner reversal subsurface surface-controlled safety valve (SSCSV)
screening silver nitrate spinning chain sucker rod
screenout similar fold spinning-drop tensiometer sucker rod pump
scrub simple multiple spiral borehole suction pit
scrubber simulated annealing spline sulfate reducing bacteria
scrubber oil simultaneous operation (SIMOP) spontaneous potential sulfate resistance
seabed geophone sinc x spooler sulfate resistant cement
seal single pass method spot sulfate-reducing bacteria
seal assembly single phase spot sample sulfate-resistant cement
seal receptacle single phase flow spotting sulfide
sealbore single shot survey spotting fluid sulfide scavenger
sealbore packer single tank composite sample spread sulfide stress cracking
seals Single-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition spreading loss sulfide test
seat single-pass method spud sulfonated asphalt
seating nipple single-phase spud mud sulfonated polystyrene-maleic anhydride copolymer
seawater mud single-phase flow spurt loss sulfur light crude
secondary cementing single-shot survey square log summation of fluids method
secondary migration single-tank composite sample squeeze superficial velocity
secondary porosity sinistral squeeze cementing superposition
secondary porosity index sinker bar squeeze job superposition in space
secondary production sintered squeeze manifold superposition in time
secondary recovery sinusoid squeeze packer supply vessel
secondary reflection SIP squeeze pressure suppression
secondary term sized calcium carbonate squeeze tool surface casing
secondary-porosity index sized salt SRB surface controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV)
sediment skewness SSMA surface interest
sedimentary skid SSMA copolymer surface pipe
sedimentary basin skin SSP surface pressure
sedimentation skin depth stab surface shut-in
seep skin effect stab in surface tension
seismic skin factor stabbing valve surface wave
seismic acquisition slaked lime stability meter surface-controlled subsurface safety valve (SCSSV)
seismic impedance slam retarder stabilization surfactant
seismic interpretation slant hole rig stabilized surfactant flooding
seismic line slant rig stabilized gas well surfactant-alternating gas
seismic modeling slant stack stab-in surge
seismic processing slant-hole rig stable arch surge reliever
seismic record slickline stack surge tank
seismic reflection tomography slide stacking velocity surrounding bed
seismic refraction method sliding sleeve stage separation survey
seismic section slim hole well staged fracturing suspended solids
seismic stratigraphy slime forming bacteria stand SV wave
seismic survey slime-forming bacteria stand pipe SV-wave
seismic trace slimhole well standard batch swab
seismic velocity slim-tube test standard temperature and pressure swab valve
seismic wave slip standing valve swage
seismic while drilling vertical seismic profile slip and cut standoff swaging tool
seismic-while-drilling vertical seismic profile slip joint standpipe swamp
seismite slip lock starch S-wave
seismogram slip velocity static aging test sweep efficiency
seismograph slip-and-cut static correction sweep pill
seismology slips static filter press sweet
seismometer sloughing shale static filtration sweet corrosion
selective firing slow formation static fluid level sweet crude
selective nipple slow release inhibitor static pressure sweet crude oil
selective perforating slowing-down length static seal sweet gas
selective running tool slowing-down time static spontaneous potential sweet spot
semblance slowness static-aging test sweetening
semisubmersible slowness time coherence statics swellable packer
sensitivity slowness-time coherence stationarity swing check valve
separator slow-release inhibitor stationary slips swivel
separator backpressure sludge stationary snubbers swivel flange
separator gas slug statistics SWR
sepiolite slug flow STB syn
sequence slugging steady state syncline
sequence boundary slugging compound steady state behavior synthetic base fluid
sequence stratigraphy slugging pill steady-state behavior synthetic base mud
sequential Gaussian simulation slurries steam synthetic fault
sequestering agent slurry steam chamber synthetic natural gas
setting tool slurry density steam flood synthetic seismogram
settling pit slurry service steam management synthetic seismograms
settling tank slurry stability steam oil ratio synthetic/brine ratio
severance slurry yield steam soak synthetic/water ratio
SH wave small pore water steam trap synthetic-base fluid
shadow zone small-pore water steam-assisted gravity drainage synthetic-base mud
shaker smectite steamflood systematic error
shale smectite clay steam-oil ratio systems tract
shale baseline