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T1 TG time-lapse seismic data treating iron
T2 THAI titrate treatment fluid
tadpole theoretical titration tree saver
tag thermal capture TIV trend
tail thermal diffusion length TM trip
tail buoy thermal gradient TOC trip gas
tail cement thermal maturity toe to heel air injection trip out
tail mute thermal neutron absorber tomography trip pill
tail pipe thermal neutron porosity measurement tongs triplex pump
Taitel Dukler thermal recovery tool joint tripping pipe
Taitel-Dukler thermal simulation tool string trough
tall oil thermally activated mud emulsion toolface true amplitude recovery
tally thickening time toolpusher true dip
TAME thief top drive true resistivity
tangential wave thief hatch top entry true stratigraphic thickness
tank thief zone top lease true vertical depth
tank battery thinner top log interval true vertical thickness
tank bottoms thixotropic topdrive true-amplitude recovery
tank calibration thixotropy topographic map trunk line
tank dike thorium tornado chart trunnion
tank table thousand standard cubic feet per day torpedo tube wave
tankage thread protector torque flowmeter tubing broach
tanker thread rule tortuosity tubing conveyed perforating
tannic acid threadform total depth tubing displacement
tannin three component seismic data total hardness test tubing end locator (TEL)
taper tap three dimensional seismic data total organic carbon tubing grade
tapered cutoff three dimensional survey total porosity tubing hanger
tapered string three phase flow total solids tubing head
TAPS three phase separator tour tubing job
TAR three-component seismic data trace tubing joint
tar sand three-dimensional seismic data tracer tubing performance curve (TPC)
Taylor bubbles three-dimensional survey tracer ejector measurement tubing pressure
TCP three-phase flow tracer loss measurement tubing puncher
TD three-phase separator tracer measurement tubing seal assembly
TDEM threshold velocity tracer-ejector measurement tubing testing tool
TE throttling tracer-loss measurement tubing thread
TEA through flowline (TFL) track tubing-conveyed perforating
technical evaluation agreement through tubing gun Trans-Alaska Pipeline System tubing-end locator
tectonic environment through-conduit transform fault tubingless completion
tectonics through-flowline (TFL) transgression tubing-retrievable safety valve (TRSV)
tectonism through-tubing transgressive tubular jar
telemetry through-tubing gun transgressive surface tubulars
tell tale thrust fault transient drainage radius tuff
tell-tale TI transient electromagnetic method tuffaceaous
telluric current tick mark transient pressure tuning effect
telluric current method tie transient rate and pressure test analysis turbidite
telluric-current method tie back liner transient-pressure response turbidity current
TEM tie back packer transient-pressure testing turbulent flow
temperature gradient tie line transient-rate and pressure-test analysis turnkey
temperature log tie-back liner transit time TVD
temperature stability tie-back packer transition flow twist off
temperature survey tie-back string transition zone twist-off
ten minute gel strength tight transmission tomography two dimensional seismic data
ten second gel strength tight emulsion transpression two dimensional survey
ten-minute gel strength tight gas transtension two pass method
ten-second gel strength tight hole transverse electric mode two phase flow
tensile strength tight oil transverse isotropy two phase separator
tension-set packer TIH transverse magnetic mode two way traveltime
tensor methods time after bit transverse relaxation two-dimensional seismic data
TEOR time domain trap two-dimensional survey
term lease time domain electromagnetic method trapped oil two-pass method
ternary diagram time lapse travel joint two-phase flow
terrain correction time lapse seismic data traveling block two-phase separator
terrestrial time migration traveling valve two-way traveltime
tertiary recovery time slice travelling slips TWT
test separator timed slug analysis travelling snubbers type curve analysis
tetrahedral layer time-domain electromagnetic method traveltime type curves
Texas deck timed-slug analysis treater type-curve analysis
TFNB time-lapse