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Wadati-Benioff zone water gun weathering wet oil
WAG water hammer weathering correction wet-clay porosity
wait on cement water in oil emulsion wedge gate wettability
wait time water influx weevil wettability change
walk above vertical seismic profile water loss weight whole core
walk above VSP water mud weight indicator whole mud dilution
walk-above vertical seismic profile water mud emulsifier weight material whole-mud dilution
walk-above VSP water oil ratio weighted mud Wide-azimuth towed-streamer acquisition
walkaway vertical seismic profile water production weighting agent wiggle trace
walkaway VSP water saturation weighting material wildcat
wall cake water to cement ratio well cleanup window
wall loss water wet well control wing valve
wall sticking water, oil and solids test well flow rate Winsor phase behavior
Walsh-Hadamard transform water/oil ratio well interference wiper plug
Walther's law water-alternating gas well interference testing wiper trip
wash out water-base drilling fluid well log wire clamp
wash over water-base mud well placement wire wrapped screen
wash pipe water-bottom roll well plan wireline
washout water-cut meter well potential wireline cutter
washover waterdrive well production rate wireline formation test
washover pipe water-filled resistivity well servicing wireline formation tester
washover shoe waterflood well shoot wireline grab
wastewater cleanup waterflood kick well stimulation wireline log
water alternating gas waterflooding wellbore wireline retrievable safety valve (WRSV)
water base drilling fluid water-flow log wellbore damage wireline-retrievable safety valve (WRSV)
water base mud water-in-oil emulsion wellbore diagram wire-wrapped screen
water block water-mud emulsifier wellbore fill up WOC
water bottom roll water-to-cement ratio wellbore fill-up WOR
water clarification water-wet wellbore orientation work basket
water coning wave wellbore storage effects work station
water control wave equation wellbore-storage effects work string
water cushion waveform wellhead working interest
water cut wavefront wellhead backpressure workover
water cut meter wavelength well-interference testing workover fluid
water drive wavelet Wentworth scale workover string
water filled resistivity wavelet extraction wet clay porosity worm
water flood wavenumber wet combustion wormhole
water flow log weak point wet gas wrench fault
water formation volume factor weathered layer