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1. adj. [Geology]

Pertaining to an area of deposition or the deposit formed by a flowing sediment-laden current as it enters an open or standing body of water, such as a river spilling into a gulf. As a river enters a body of water, its velocity drops and its ability to carry sediment diminishes, leading to deposition. The term has origins in Greek because the shape of deltas in map view can be similar to the Greek letter delta. The shapes of deltas are subsequently modified by rivers, tides and waves. There is a characteristic coarsening upward of sediments in a delta. The three main classes of deltas are river-dominated (Mississippi River), wave-dominated (Nile River), and tide-dominated (Ganges River). Ancient deltas contain some of the largest and most productive petroleum systems.

Synonyms: sediment

See: depositional environmentpetroleum system

Schematic diagram of depositional environments
Schematic diagram of depositional environments.

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