mist flow

multiphase flow
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1. n. [Well Completions]
A multiphase fluid-flow regime characterized by the gas phase being distributed as bubbles through the liquid phase. In a producing wellbore where the bubbles are uniformly distributed, there is little relative motion between the phases. Where the bubbles congregate and combine to form a less uniform distribution of the gas phase, some slippage will occur between the phases with the gas tending to cut through the liquid phase.
2. n. [Production Logging]
A multiphase-flow regime, with gas as the continuous phase, in which oil or water exists as very small, approximately homogeneously distributed droplets. Mist flow occurs at high gas velocities. Unless the velocity is very high, there may be a thin film of liquid on the pipe wall, in which case the term annular flow or annular mist flow is also used.