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1. n. [Reservoir Characterization]

A special mathematical geometry with properties that reproduce a pattern over a range of scales. They can contain some variations so that the patterns do not perfectly repeat. This geometry claims to represent many natural systems, including plant growth, geological deposition, coastlines and other geographical shapes. Fractal geometry has also led to the recent study of "Chaos Theory." This technology is sometimes used in geostatistical studies. Reference: Mandelbrot BB: The fractal geometry of nature. New York, Freeman, 1983.

Hewett TA: "Fractal Methods for Fracture Characterization," in Yarus JM and Chambers RL (eds): Stochastic Modeling and Geostatistics, AAPG Computer Applications in Geology, no. 3. AAPG, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA, 1994.

See: geostatistics

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