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1. n. [General Terms]

NACE, or NACE International, is a worldwide professional organization committed to corrosion prevention and control. NACE, founded in 1943, is headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA. Areas of focus include oil and gas, water, transportation and infrastructure protection. The original name was National Association of Corrosion Engineers—the source of its NACE acronym—although the organization formally adopted NACE International—The Corrosion Society, in 1993.

Among its activities, the organization offers technical training and certification programs, conducts regional and international conferences, publishes industry standards, reports, publications and technical journals and assists in government relations activities. The NACE Materials Requirements include the widely used MR0175, corrosion resistant materials for oil and gas applications, and MR0103, sulfide stress cracking in corrosive environments. Publications can be ordered from NACE at http://www.nace.org/.


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